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Enabling Sustainable Advantage


We serve the engineering and construction industries by developing and aligning business strategy, brand, people, bidding and operational efficiency to enable our clients to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.


We work with engineering and construction businesses that are:


  • Looking for greater efficiencies and profitability
  • Preparing to grow
  • Hampered by a lack of resources
  • In crisis or needing a turn around


We’ll pull no punches when it comes to your business. Our consultants are renowned for giving open, honest and expert opinions. We’ll advise you where your business needs to improve, work with you to develop solutions and support you through the implementation.


Our straightforward approach considers the three pillars of success Cash, Reputation and Leadership.


Cash…… Businesses need cash to survive.  In order to thrive or grow they need more than this.  Our commercial specialists will examine and advise on improvements to your ability to secure profitable work, generate cash and invest it effectively and efficiently back in the business. 


Reputation...... Every expression, every communication in a company impacts on reputation. Your reputation impacts on the confidence of your clients, investors, staff and suppliers.  Reputation is fundamental to your business being able to perform profitably. How you perform adds or detracts from your reputation. Our communication specialists will examine and improve how your reputation is conveyed in your markets.


Leadership...... Leaders set your company’s values and strategy. They develop, communicate and implement the strategy, engage staff and live your brand. Selecting and developing the right people to the right position is crucial for your success today and in the future. Our leadership specialists will examine and develop the leadership capability in your company.



Competitive Dynamics


Cash, reputation and leadership interact in ‘Competitive dynamics’. It recognises that success is the result of the development and alignment of business strategy, brand, people, bidding and organisational efficiency.  This alignment creates competitive differentiation, reduces costs and builds confidence within the market.  Competitive dynamics is as much about collaborating as it is competing. We work with engineering and construction companies to improve their competitive tendering and alliancing capability. 



Our Capability


The majority of our consultants each has over 25 years of experience working in the engineering and construction industries. These consultants are supported by specialists with expertise in certain areas. Our knowledge, skills and experience ranges across strategic planning, communications, corporate responsibility, commercial management, business psychology, change management, work winning, estimating and bid management. Meet the team.