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B2B Sales Training


This university accredited two-day experiential programme, plus follow-up telephone coaching, provides practical learning and focuses on the relevant sales skills required to help you and your business grow. The programme was developed to address the current lack of understanding about the business-to-business (B2B) sales process. People often think it’s about selling a product or service. It’s not! For the sales process to be effective, people first need to understand their customer’s business. The sales process in engineering and construction is about building a trusting relationship. 


In the current digital age, there’s a fundamental difference between how companies think their customers do business and how they’re customers really operate, so traditional B2B sales processes are ineffective. Many businesses have forgotten or lost the concept of asking at a base level ‘Why do our customers buy from us?’ The art of relationship building, questioning and listening is being lost as businesses try to promote the benefits of their product or service through digital channels.


B2B sales is about two-way communication. A sales person is the conduit between their company and their customer. Taking time to build rapport and understand a customer’s goals, strategy, processes and structure will make the sales process more successful.


On this programme the science of psychology is employed to develop your relationship building skills, frameworks are provided to guide your interactions with customers, and case studies are worked through to practice in a safe and supportive environment. This programme will inspire you to think differently about your customers and leave you with actionable steps you can take that will transform how you do business.


This programme is delivered in partnership with Vertical Motives Ltd and accredited by the University of Aberdeen.   It provides Certificated Qualification, Prior Learning Status and CPD credits. Download our flyer to find out more.


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