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Behavioural Assessments


Behaviours are an important part of any project during design, construction and the operations phase. Consequently, contractors bidding for construction work are increasingly being judged not just on price and quality, but also on their behaviour. This, in part, is being fuelled by the drive to create integrated and collaborative project teams.  Construction clients now desire to procure supply partners with the right ‘collaborative working capabilities’ and ‘cultural alignment’.


Behavioural Assessments allow clients to evaluate potential contractors by asking them to demonstrate their approaches and behaviours. They are not only used to select the right contractor, but also to increase the likelihood of project success.


Clients generally assessment the behaviour of the project delivery team, but are increasingly assessing the contractors senior leadership team as well.  A Behavioural Assessment can draw on a wide range of assessment techniques such as psychometric profiling, competency based interviews, written exercises, role-plays and team exercises.  The client will also like to ‘stress test’ the teams by increasing the pressure or introducing challenges and setbacks. 


Our business psychologists have considerable experience of assessment people’s behaviour, using a wide range of methods, from graduates to Executive Directors.  We are able to draw on this experience to prepare your delivery and senior leadership teams to perform well during Behavioural Assessments.  This includes:


  • Understanding the client’s behavioural assessment criteria
  • Selecting the team to ensure both depth and breadth of the required behaviours
  • Identifying and working with likely team dynamics
  • Practicing the behavioural assessments and receiving feedback and guidance


Contact us to chat with one of our consultants about preparing your teams for Behavioural Assessments.