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Bid Management


We recognise that Bid Management can often feel like ‘herding cats’.  Bringing together input from subject matter experts across the organisation in disciplines such as technical, commercial, legal, business development and senior management under immense time pressure is no easy task. When time gets short, the focus inevitably falls on meeting to client’s needs.  A good Bid Manager will seek to gain a deep understanding of what the client is seeking to achieve, the key issues they are concerned about and how the bid will be evaluated.  The Bid Manager then translates the input from the different disciplines into meeting the needs of the client.


With time and client focus taking centre stage, the company’s own differentiated competitive advantage is lost. When this happens bids can deteriorate into a competition based on price supported by generic words designed to score points with the client. 


We take a different approach. Instead of herding cats, we see bid management as akin to conducting an orchestra.  We recognise that a bid is a manifestation of the company’s brand.  It represents a promise the client can trust, as they have confidence in the company’s brand.  Its brand is the company’s strongest differentiator in the market and the source of its competitive advantage.


To ensure the brand is not lost in the bid management process we facilitate the formulation and agreement of the bid strategy with your senior management and the bidding team. In developing a Bid Strategy we take your team through a process which builds a successful value proposition at the outset (or even before the tender lands) based on:


  • Project and client intelligence
  • Competitor analysis
  • Aligning project requirements and client drivers with your expertise, experience and added value to maximise your chance of success
  • Identifying your differentiated competitive advantage in relation to the client’s needs, your company’s brand and the competition
  • Developing a work-breakdown-structure to plan the bid according to the required timescales and allocate tasks across the team
  • Developing Reference Product Models based on market drives, which have the potential to reduce bidding cost, improve Risk Management, increase outcome certainties and increase the number of bids won. 
  • Answering the 'Why us?' question 


The Bid Strategy is then used to guide the management of the bid through:


  • Providing team building activities for your bid teams (especially important for Joint Venture teams)
  • Facilitating interim bid review meetings
  • Engaging a Bid Writer to pull together the submissions from the subject matter experts, ensure the bid meets the customer’s requirements, compile all the documentation and ensure the bid fully articulates your differentiated competitive advantage


We enable you to develop the vision, purpose, strategy and structure required to win bids.

Contact us to chat with one of our consultants about Bid Management for your organisation.