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We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Whilst Christmas is a time of getting together for celebrations, it is also a time for reflection and contemplation. We reflect on what has past and contemplate on what could come in the new year. Once the parties are over our thoughts turn to New Year Resolutions. What could be the New Years resolution for the engineering and construction industry?  


Traditionally, in engineering and construction, Christmas is brought in with exchanges of bottles of booze up and down the supply chain, soon followed by the Christmas Party, dinner down the local curry house, or a trip to the pub for some serious team building. It was a time when contractual positions are put aside and people throughout the industry reconnected at the human level. Then once all the workplace partying was done, we wished everyone a Merry Christmas as we left work early for two weeks of rest, recovery and time with family and friends.


During the Christmas holidays our thoughts often turn to the new year ahead.  We reflect on what we have achieved in the last year and contemplate our future goals and the changes we want to make.  As Ebenezer Scrooge found, our ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come visit us in our dreams. These ghosts fuel our New Year’s resolutions.


Santa and his reindeer are set to arrive this Christmas with a sack full of seasonal presents aimed at spreading joy to young and old alike. But for the UK engineering and construction industry, is Santa's seasonal run coming too late as job losses and profit warnings abound? The final chapter in the 2019 story is laced with financial woe and job insecurity.  So, as the industry tries to find cheer in a distinctly chilly climate, can those in the industry change the despondent tone and focus on New Year resolutions which can ensure 2020 brings a different story based on profit and cheer?


Good news may be on the horizon as 2020 dawns.  The election campaign brought promises of investment in the construction of schools, hospitals and infrastructure.  If we trust the promises of our politicians then the New Year could herald an upturn in the industry. We have also seen an agreement finally being reached at COP 25. All countries now need to put new improved carbon cutting plans on the table by the time of the next major conference in Glasgow next year. As engineering and construction professionals, we all know that the industry has a huge role to play in creating a more sustainable society.


So, with all this in our minds over Christmas, what could be our industry’s New Year’s resolution?


From all the team at Cottleston, we wish our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We look forward to working together to help enable our industry build a more, financially and environmentally, sustainable future for us all.


Cottleston Team

19th December 2019