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A coaching programme, with a qualified and experienced coach, guides and supports people in realising their full potential in relation to the strategic intent of their company.  We take a client centred approach to coaching enabled by us drawing on a wide range of psychological disciplines, models and techniques.


We recognise that coaching in business is a three way relationship between the coachee, their line manager / HR and us.  We, therefore, take care to contract with each party to agree the terms of engage in relation to confidentiality and progress reviews.


Coaching firstly helps people to identify and overcome blocks to their performance. The ongoing coaching relationship then enables people to stretch beyond what they believe to be possible in their own development.  Some examples of the areas of development addressed through coaching include:


  • Interpersonal issues
  • Teamwork
  • Managing upward
  • Delegation
  • Dealing with poor performance
  • Self-confidence
  • Strategic thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Engaging and inspiring people


We recognise that coaching can be a new challenging experience for a lot of people. We, therefore, provide a safe and supportive environment which allows people to engage in a process of self-discovery and development.


A programme consists of six 90 min coaching sessions, with email and phone support available between sessions and a follow-up call six months after the programme is completed.


Contact us to chat with one of our consultants about a coaching programme in your organisation.