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It is easy to win engineering and construction work through bidding with a low price.  It is extremely difficult to then gain a profit from the work without ruining the brand reputation with clients, subcontractors and suppliers.  Low profitability and a damaged brand will inevitably lead to the decline of the business.  We help engineering and construction companies to secure work through leveraging their brand rather than competing purely on price by:



Developing Bid Strategies


The aim of the strategy is to ensure the submitted bid leads to an engineering and construction company being called to interview by the client and the client’s team. This involves weighing up market and commercial factors and deciding on a contract sum which attractive enough to become the preferred bidder.  The attractiveness of the contract sum is in relation to the value being added cost-value engineering, eco-value engineering and the delivery of the company’s brand. See our Bid Management services



Cost Planning


Cost planning is used to ensure that the client receives value for money in both design & construction delivered by the construction company, and that the project cost is kept within the agreed budget. Cost plans can be developed from concept drawings, using value engineering, to provide clients with a range of cost to value options. See our Cost Planning services.



Tender Pricing


From the production of Bills of Quantities through pricing labour, plant and materials to the estimate of an overall contract sum. See our Tender Pricing services.



Cost-Value Engineering


Value engineering is a conscious and explicit set of disciplined procedures designed to seek out optimum value for both initial and long-term investment (National Institute of Building Services). Essentially it is an effort by the construction company to find and deliver the best value at the lowest cost for the client. See our Value Engineering services.



Prepare for Behavioural Assessments


To win work, construction delivery teams are frequently invited to participate in behavioural assessments to determine the nature of their leadership and team working.  To perform well in these assessments delivery teams first need to be prepared so they can effectively demonstrate the brand in their leadership and teamwork. See our Behavioural Assessment services.



Commercial Performance


In engineering and construction greater profitability is realised through the identification, pricing, management and mitigation of risk.  This is a multifunctional process involving your working winning, project delivery and commercial teams.  However, if your commercial performance is inadequate, profit from a project is soon lost. To increase the commercial performance of your business our commercial consultants will carry out commercial audits.  From these we will work with you to improve how you conduct contractual reviews, debt recovery, cash management, claim management, supply chain management, final account settlement, negotiation/renegotiation of head contract terms as well implementing commercial policy, procedures and infrastructure to assist and support the business going forward. Contact us to find out more.