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Gaining the attention of key stakeholders and managing the reputation of the brand is an essential part of winning new business, securing investment and attracting talent for all engineering and construction companies. It is about building and maintaining that confidence within the market.  To gain and retain market confidence, the company’s brand needs to be true to its unique position within the market.  We help engineering and construction companies to:



Build Brand Awareness


Developing and maintaining good relationships with key stakeholders, enhancing brand awareness with key industry communicators, demonstrating thought leadership in the market, and to promoting a the company’s unique market position. See our Public Relations services.



Create Messages Which Gain Attention


With every engineering and construction company promoting their products and services it is often difficult to stand out from the crowd for positive reasons.  This requires telling stories about the brand which resonate with people. See our Public Relations services.



Foster Belief in the Brand


It is only when the stories about the brand are true to the unique position of the engineering and construction company that belief in the brand is fostered.  To maintain this belief the brand must be lived by the people in the company. See our Public Relations services.



Communicate Effectively


Today, both leaders and employees need to be trained in how to effectively communicate the brand.  This includes interacting with clients, subcontractors and suppliers, sharing news on social media, and being interviewed by journalists. See our Media Training services.