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Employee Engagement


A brand can only realise its value and differentiation in the market if it is authentically lived by the people in the organisation.  All too often companies tell their people what values and behaviours they need to demonstrate in order to live the brand and implement the strategy. Their people are then reviewed against these in the annual Performance Appraisals, which then all too often drive promotions, pay raises and bonuses.  This approach leads to an inauthentic brand being lived by the people in the company.  Inauthenticity is soon uncovered in the market place and customers soon lose trust and confidence in the brand.


We advocate a different approach.  We can use psychological techniques to help your people authentically engage with your company’s brand.  This involves enabling people to first define their own purpose and values before trying to adopt those of your company.  We help people to gain insights into how they live their values through their personality and behaviour at work.  The perceived real values, rather than espoused values, of the organisation are explored to understand how your company authentically lives and expresses itself. It is only when people have explored and understood their own and the company's lived purpose, values and behaviours that the new strategic purpose, values and behaviours which support the brand are introduced. We then help people determine how they can live these in an authentic way.


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