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Introduction to Management Training


This University accredited two-day experiential programme, with follow-up telephone coaching, provides practical learning and focuses on the relevant management skills required to help you and your business grow.  The programme was developed to address the needs of highly effectively technical people making the transition into management.  People often think that because a person is good at their job, they will make a good manager.  This is often not the case.  For the transition to be successful, new managers need to develop the skills needed to meet the challenges that lie ahead.


The success of the engineering and construction industry is built upon the experience, knowledge and expertise of technical people such as engineers, quantity surveyors, and a wide range of consultants, etc.  When technical experts are promoted into management positions, they often find their success deserts them.  A managerial role requires a new set of skills.  Unless technical experts are trained in these skills their management will be ineffective. 


At its core good management is about understanding yourself and others. This programme employs the science of psychology to build this understanding.  From understanding self and others, the manager is able to the build trust needed for their management activities to be respected and appreciated.  On the programme participants are provided with practical frameworks which enable them to be effective in setting the direction for their team, communicating what they need people to do and then motivating them to deliver high performance.  Case studies are worked through to deepen the learning and practice in a safe and supportive learning environment.


This programme will inspire and engage those new to management and provide them with the skills to enable them to manage other people with confidence.


Introduction to Management is delivered in partnership with Vertical Motives Ltd and accredited by the University of Aberdeen.  It provides Certificated Qualification, Prior Learning Status and CPD credits.  Download our flyer to find out more.


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