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Engineering and construction is a people business. Performance of any business in the engineering and construction sectors is dependent on the quality of people’s engagement in the company’s values, strategy and brand, how they engage with customers and how well they work in teams. These, to a large extent, are dependent on how well they are managed and led. To improve the performance of engineering and construction companies we provide:



Management and Sales Skills Training


In partnership with Vertical Motives, we are able to provide University accredited training programmes in both Sales and Management. Our skills training inspires, engages and enables those new into management and sales to develop the skills needed to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Both programmes provide Certificated Qualification, Prior Learning Status and CPD credits. For further information see our Management and B2B Sales Training services.



Leadership Development


Employees' ability to consistently deliver high performance depends on how they are led. To be effective leaders need to be selected, taught knowledge, trained in skills and developed so they use the knowledge and skills wisely. Leaders also need to form as a leadership team. See our Leadership Development, Sustainability Leadership, Executive Profiling and Coaching services.



Change Academy Programme


The Change Academy Programme is accredited by the internationally recognised Chartered Management Institute (CMI). It is aimed at practising managers, change agents and consultants who have a current or future change project to progress in the Engineering and Construction Industry. For further information see our Change Academy service.



Employee Engagement


Enabling people to find their own purpose and values and align these with the purpose and values of their company. It is through this alignment are better able to authentically communicate and deliver the brand and implement the strategy. See our Employee Engagement services.



Team Development


As engineering and construction is a people business the success of your projects will be, to a large extent, dependent and how well people work in teams. However, construction is rather unique in that a project team constantly changes over the life of the project, from bidding and the initial start-up, through to completion and handover. People are constantly joining and leaving which means the team dynamics are constantly changing. As a result, normal team development activities, like those used for more stable teams, are not appropriate for construction projects teams. See our Team Development services.