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Media Training


Media skills are increasingly becoming a vital part of promoting a strong and authentic brand for engineering and construction companies.  Whilst traditional media such as newspapers, journals, radio and television have always been key influencing channels, the growth of social media can mean that anyone in your company can now find themselves being interviewed in front of a camera at any time.  The interview can then be uploaded to the internet and go viral in a matter of minutes.  It is, therefore, vital that people throughout your company are trained in media skills.


Being interviewed is a challenging experience for most people.  It is difficult to strike the right balance between meeting the needs of the interviewer whilst not being led by them and representing the company whilst being authentic.  It is a skill which must be gradually learnt and practised.


We offer a staged approach to developing people’s media skills, depending on their current level of skill and experience:


  • Our business psychologists firstly train people in communication and influencing skills
  • Our journalists then interview each person individually on camera several times, allowing for reflection, feedback and practise.
  • Our business psychologists then coach each person to enable them to capture and integrate the learning from the experience


Another vital part of our Media training programme is to ensure that senior management, when subjected to the spotlight through a crisis situation, have the necessary skills to present a professional image to the external world of both the company and themselves in the most testing of circumstances. Unlike other Media Training companies, we not only ensure the technique is correct but we also assess, through our business psychology skills, the ability of the individual to perform under the most extreme pressures. 


Contact us to chat with one of our consultants about Media Training for your company.