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Public Relations


Your engineering and construction work is won on a promise.  It is a promise that you will deliver the project to the satisfaction of your client. Trust in this promise is a direct result of the confidence the market has in your capability.  This capability is communicated to the market through your brand.


We help engineering and construction companies develop, communicate and maintain a strong authentic brand derived from their unique purpose and differentiation in the market.   This enables companies to compete on difference rather than price alone.


To be effective your brand needs to be clear, consistent and recognisable. It also needs to be authentically lived by your employees, stand out in the market and resonate with customers.  Above all, your brand needs to be believed and trusted.


Brand Audit


To determine the strength of your brand we are able to conduct a ‘Brand Audit’.  This can be conducted through a quick quantitative questionnaire, a qualitative questionnaire or through in depth qualitative interviews.  It can be conducted with just your senior leadership team within the company or we can engage with a range of your company’s stakeholders.  This flexibility of our Brand Audit enables us to design an approach that meets our customers’ needs.  The Brand Audit typically covers:


  • Clarity of company purpose and brand
  • Leadership of brand
  • Consistency of message
  • Effectiveness of communication
  • Responsiveness to the market
  • Belief in the brand


Consultancy Advice


Our Brand Audit provides our clients with objective facts and data which give insight into where the brand can be strengthened so as to increase work winning performance, attract investors and recruit and retain high performing people.  From this insight our Public Relations consultants are able to work in partnership with you to develop, communicate and maintain a strong authentic brand. 


Contact us to chat with one of our consultants about Public Relations and branding for your organisation.