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Essentials of Sustainability Leadership


A two-day leadership development workshop, created and delivered in partnership with Transitional Space, for engineering and construction professionals to explore and develop their role as leaders with regard to the climate emergency and environmental breakdown. This workshop has already successfully prepared many local government politicians to provide the necessary leadership following their declarations of a Climate Emergency.


Essentials of Sustainability Leadership features a range of inputs, practical sessions and discussions.  It explores themes including current sustainability issues, the characteristics of sustainability leaders, scenario planning, and change management. It concludes with participants developing individual and company-wide action plans.


The role of the engineering and construction industries is critical in the move towards building a sustainable society. It’s in our hands.


This workshop will prepare engineering and construction professionals to:


  • Better understand the role the engineering and construction industry can play in creating a more sustainable society
  • Learn how to create a competitive advantage through leading sustainability
  • Prepare to develop the leadership qualities required to lead sustainability
  • Learn how to lead strategic change to create a sustainable competitive advantage


As a result, participants will have gained gain knowledge, become part of a participants’ network and learnt from others experiences. Consequently, they will feel more confident in their roles and responsibilities relating to tackling sustainability.


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