Organisational Change - The Ecosystem Way


It is a brutal fact that about 70% of change management initiatives fail. In a world of constant, and ever accelerating, change we need to improve the success rate.  Business leaders blame the ‘change’ end of the equation and try to manage it better.  Yet, change is a natural process in the universe.  Why does change need to be managed? Could the ‘management’ end of the equation be the problem?


What would happen if we don’t try to manage change?


It is generally believed that people resist change and, despite lots of techniques and interventions, the failure rate remains unchanged. With 90% of ‘change resistance’ put down to people factors. People don’t resist change; they resist being managed through change.


There is a great deal of evidence which suggests management and managerial hierarchies:


  • Reduce well being
  • Inhibit problem solving
  • Reinforce status differences which stifle development and growth
  • Tend toward rigidity


A lot of people don’t like being managed and, as a consequence, the management of change creates blockages in the flow of change energy.  Remove the blockages and change flows naturally.


Many business leaders have the mindset that organisations are designed, and behave like, machines.  Therefore, just like machines, they have to be managed.  This mindset has proved productive in relatively stable times.  In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) operating environments organisations need to be designed, and behave, less like machines and more like ecosystems.  In an ecosystem, change is continuous natural process which cannot be managed.  Instead, it needs to be nurtured and cultivated.


We facilitate change by bringing awareness to blockages to the energy of change, we enable organisations to dissipate and dissolve the blockages and we change the way organisations change.  By making blockages conscious, they lose their power. Our approach is less management more enablement.  We put the human in the process and put ‘meaning’ at its heart. We help businesses to implement change in ways which are less like a machine and more like an ecosystem. 


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