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Psychological Transformation


The structure of businesses is changing.  To cope with the continuous, and ever accelerating rate of, change businesses are becoming less like machines and more like ecosystems.  For businesses to succeed in a time of continual and accelerating change, multiple solutions need to be allowed to emerge from anywhere in the organisation.  People need have the capability to look at old problems and process through new eyes and approach them in new ways. This means psychological transformation.  Transforming how people think, feel and behave so they can collaborate in developing innovative solutions which create systemic change.  The capabilities people need to ensure business succeed today are:


  • Systems Thinking: The ability to appreciate the interconnectedness and interdependency of the whole system, at all levels, and to recognise how changes to parts of the system affect the whole.
  • Collaboration: Building commitment through dialogue and consensus, democratic approaches, and a culture and structure that provides peer support, encouragement and working across functional and organisational boundaries.
  • Design Thinking: A human centred approach to innovation which draws on the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.


We enable people in business to develop these capabilities by providing developmental exercises, workplace challenges and opportunities to practise and support through coaching.


Contact us if you would like to speak to one our consultants about how we can transform the psychological capability of the people in your business.