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Team Development


To achieve high performance on engineering and construction projects, the leadership team needs to create the culture, in line with your company brand, which enables people to quickly and consistently deliver high performance.  This culture will remain a constant factor as team members join and leave.  It is the culture on the project that informs new team members about the behaviour that is required to work as part of the team and deliver high performance. 


Also, as construction project teams are frequently formed of people from different organisations, there are inevitably different brands, processes, cultures and contractual agreements which govern how people work together.  The commercial implications of the contractual agreements can make people fearful and lead them to take actions that are more to do with defending their organisation’s contractual position than working together to deliver high performance.  These actions are often misunderstood by other parties in the project and trust within the team can suffer as a consequence.  Construction gradually then becomes more of a legal process rather than a people business and projects begin to fail.


No one joins the construction industry to deliver failing projects.  Everyone wants to work together and be a part of delivering successful projects.  Our approach to developing high performing project teams is to start with this common goal.  We then temporarily set aside the contractual arrangements, roles and responsibilities, and invite the leadership team members to meet each other and work together as people.  This builds up greater understanding, trust and connection between the leaders as they identify, and work on, what in their relationships enable their teamwork and what causes interference.  With Joint Venture projects this is best done at the bidding stage.  Good team work builds the foundation for success with the bid which is then carried through to the design and construction phases.


Once the members of the project leadership team are working well together as people we then re-introduce their contractual roles and responsibilities.  Using their developing teamwork the leadership team work together to agree how the contractual considerations are going to guide their behaviour and determine a suitable conflict resolution process.


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